John Albrecht

Professor, Joint Faculty in ECE and CHEMS

Thomas Bieler

Professor, Associate Chair, ChEMS

Mechanical and Physical Metallurgy, Characterization and Modeling of Microstructural Evolution

Carl Boehlert


Mechanical and Physical Metallurgy, Characterization of Microstructural Evolution, Fatigue, Creep, Microscopy

Daina Briedis

Emeritus Associate Professor

Scott Calabrese Barton


Modeling and characterization of electrocatalysis and transport in electrochemical systems

Christina Chan

Interim Chairperson (CHEMS) | University Distinguished Professor | Affiliated Faculty of CSE

Biomedical and Cellular Engineering, Systems Biology, Disease Mechanisms 

Xanthippi Chatzistavrou

Adjunct Faculty of ChEMS

Shiwang Cheng

Assistant Professor

Polymer dynamics, surface and interfaces, polymer nanocomposites processing, membranes, glass transition

Martin Crimp


Metals characterization, Mesoscale deformation behavior, Fracture, Dislocations, Electron microscopy, Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging 

Bruce Dale

University Distinguished Professor; MSU AgBioResearch

Regenerative bioenergy systems, energy and sustainable prosperity, physical basis of sustainable societies

John Dorgan

David L. and Denise Lamp Endowed Chair Professor

Sustainability, Circular economies, Biobased polymers and composites, Plastics recycling and upcycling

Lawrence Drzal

University Distinguished Professor

Multifunctional Polymers and Composites, Surfaces, Adhesion, Nano-Materials, Graphene, Cellulose

Philip Eisenlohr

Associate Professor

Computational Materials Science, Deformation of Microstructured Materials, Numerical Algorithms

Qi Hua Fan

Associate Professor, Joint Faculty in ECE and CHEMS

Plasma Simulation, Plasma Sources, Thin Films and Coatings, Water Treatment

Chengcheng Fang

Assistant Professor

Materials for energy storage, Characterization; Batteries

Robert C. Ferrier, Jr.

Assistant Professor

Novel polymeric materials for applications in energy, environment, and health

Assaf Gilad


Martin Hawley

Adjunct Professor

David Hickey

Assistant Professor

Engineering Electrochemical Interfaces; grid-scale energy storage, biosensor development, electrocatalyst design, predictive structure-property relationships

Michael Hickner

Craig A. Rogerson Endowed Professor

K Jayaraman


Polymer processing structure and properties, Melt rheology of multiphase polymers, Polymer nanocomposites 

Wei Lai

Associate Professor

Materials for energy conversion and storage; experimental and computational characterization

Ilsoon Lee

Associate Professor

Functional polymer surfaces and interfaces, nano & micro encapsulation and delivery

Andre Lee

Associate Professor

High Temperature Polymeric Composites, Green Synthesis and Processing of Silicon-based Nanomaterials and Interface Materials

Carl Lira

Associate Professor

Fluid properties and phase equilibria; spectroscopy and modeling of associating fluids; alternative liquid fuels

Richard Lunt

Johansen Crosby Professor

Organic Electronics, Perovskite Electronics, Processing and Deposition, Solar Energy

Jose Mendoza

Assistant Professor

Computational materials science; quantum and atomistic simulations; AI/ML/data mining, 

Dennis Miller

Emeritus Professor

Green Energy/Sustainability, Alloys Materials, Electrochemistry and Catalysis, Functional/Electronic Materials, Polymeric Materials

Donald Morelli


Materials for energy conversion; thermal and electronic transport properties of solids

Michael S. Murillo

Professor, Joint Faculty in CMSE and CHEMS

Molecular dynamics simulation of non-ideal plasmas, Modeling of infectious disease outbreaks

Ramani Narayan

University Distinguished Professor

Biobased & compostable plastics; Reactive extrusion (REX) polymerization and processing; Plastics recycling; Biodegradation & composting science

Jason Nicholas

Associate Professor

Materials for Energy Generation/Conversion/Storage, Electrochemistry and Catalysis, Ceramics, Metals, Composites, Mineral Physics, Thin Films

Robert Ofoli

Associate Professor

Upcycling of plastics, electrochemical hydrogen evolution, sustainable energy/fuels production

Charles Petty


Computational Fluid Dynamics of Multiphase Materials and Multiphase Turbulent Flows

Caroline Szczepanski

Assistant Professor

Polymers, biomimetic surfaces, coatings & interfaces, dental materials, photopolymerization

S. Patrick Walton

C. Robert and Kathryn M. Weir Associate Professor; Associate Chair, ChEMS

Biomolecular Engineering and Biotechnology; Engineering Education

Daniel R. Woldring

Assistant Professor

Drug discovery, biochemical engineering, protein therapeutics and diagnostics, bioinformatics, machine learning

Robert Worden

Professor, Joint Faculty in CHEMS and BME

Bioreactor engineering, bioelectrocatalysis, chemotaxis, nanoparticle toxicity 

Hui-Chia Yu

Assistant Professor, Joint Faculty in CMSE and CHEMS

Simulation of phase transformations (metal, energy materials) and electrochemical processes, computational mechanics, numerical methods, and software development

Alexandra Zevalkink

Assistant Professor

Materials Science of Ceramics / Semiconductors, Crystal Growth, Thermal and Electronic Characterization